Underfloor heating for contractors, builders, electricians and tilers.

tradesman2COLDBUSTER® underfloor heating is the smartest heating system around! It is clean, healthy, safe, efficient, responsive, completely invisible and can be installed directly under any type of flooring: tiles, carpet, wooden or laminated flooring.

With its unique 1.3 mm thick heating element, Coldbuster Floor Heating is suitable for both new builds and retro-fitting existing homes and offices.

Unlike the old fashioned in slab heating, Coldbuster gets installed on top of the screed.

COLDBUSTER technology has also been used in the creation of two additional exciting new products - RugBuddy® and FootMat - both portable heating options.

Produced to the highest international quality and local safety standards by Klimax Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd. and service supported by the nationally established SPEEDHEAT franchises, Coldbuster Floor Heating products offer you the best in comfort, quality and style.

Coldbuster products are supported by SPEEDHEAT.

Energy Efficient

Energy efficient

Features of COLDBUSTER© Products

  • Fully earthed for electrical safety.
  • Self-regulating and so they use less power as they reach the selected temperature.
  • Industry leading design to ensure long life and efficient power use.
  • Installation is quick and easy.
  • Fast warming up (> 4 °C/h)
Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostat

Beat the electricity price increases by heating more efficiently!

In order to beat the electricity price hike, it is important that your heating system runs as economically as possible without affecting your thermal comfort. Coldbuster sells different types of programmable thermostats which are particularly suitable for retrofitting.

Note the special offer on the programmable EzeeStat I Models!

See available thermostat models.

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